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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


For the last month, people from all over Spain have been walking to Madrid. These indignants marchs are the bearers of the participatory spirit that began with the May 15th protest movement. They have been organising assemblies in all the towns and cities along their way, exchanging ideas and experience, discussing problems and demands, and carrying direct democracy to even the most secluded hamlets.
The marchers will finally reach Madrid on Saturday July 23rd and, together with people from dozens of towns and neighbourhoods, will walk to the centre of the city to the rendezvous in Puerta del Sol, Madrid’s most emblematic square. During the day, as well as on the 24th and 25th, they will participate in actions, meetings, demonstrations, working groups, camps… The programme includes a number of meetings on international subjects where debates will focus on the content and action for the international mobilisation effort scheduled for October 15th, and the strengthening of world-wide communication and participation networks.
We’re delighted to extend this invitation to you to participate in this weekend’s intense activities, in this new opportunity to collectively occupy public space, sowing new seeds to continue to spread this revolution around the world.
and more...jangan malas membaca

Sejak 15 Mei 2011, ratusan ribu anak muda yang dah bosan dengan sistem politik order lama telah bangun untuk reclaim their democracy dari elite politicians dan parti2 politik dalam sebuam sebuah revolusi demokratik bagi menuntut demokrasi yang lebih partisipatif dimana rakyat punyai lebih banyak suara dan kuasa dalam menenentukan polisi2 dan dasar2 negara.

Elemen paling menarik tentang revolusi ini ialah they are moving beyond from just the usual street protests, marches & occupations, tapi mula bereksperimentasi dengan model baru sistem demokrasi yang lebih radikal, proses baru collective participatory decision-making melalui "People's Assembly" yang diadakan di dataran2 awam di semua kota2 utama Sepanyol.

"we demand a democracy that that shows zero tolerence against corruption"




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